Friday, May 29, 2009

top 10 comic characters and thier affiliation

1. Cable: Marvel (Telekenisis)
2. Gambit: Marvel (Turns potential energy into kinetic)
3. Deadpool: Marvel (Regeneration, Bad ass)
4. Punisher: Marvel (bad ass)
5. Wolverine: Marvel (regeneration)
6. Fathom: TopCow (can manipulate water in anyway shape or form)
7. Grifter: Image ( Thief and bad ass)
8. Nightcrawler: Marvel (Teleportation)
9. Korvus: Marvel (power of the pheonix, sweet sword)
10.The Twins from Spirit of the Tao: TopCow (can partially of fully turn into dragons)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

big update of other interesting things in my life

I am a college graduate, incase you didnt know. it feels kind of weird all i do now is sleep and work and watch rabbit play assassins creed. fall out is sweet, and sadie got guitar hero drums and microphone for the wii so ive been playing the drums on that alot. substantially harder than rockband and the real drums ofcourse, but very fun

im going to a wedding in new orleans this weekend. sadie and i are meeting my brother and we are staying at the hotel monteleone, which according to sadie is "haunted"  she is pretty much excited about it . . i on the other hand dont believe in ghosts. we shall see. . . .  So basically im gonna get shitfaced at a wedding and in the french quarter and eat krystals on burbon street. cant wait.  
He is Legend - It hates you . . . im looking forward to it

Im listening to the new drop dead gorgeous and its . . . meh nothing new

The newest Vanns cd "a new hope" is awesome by the way

I downloaded The new version of GIMP, which is a Photoshop clone and its not that bad. its very dumbed down for pc users obviosuly, but its a good substitution.

Im also waiting for the new iphone OS 3.0. its gonna rule so much, and it will be sweet.


so the wolverine movie came out awhile ago and cant say it was terrible because ive alwasy said that i enjoy movies based on marvel or comics in general ( i love seeing my childhood imagination coem to life . . .who doesnt) anyway they did  infact mess up deadpool for me. He happens to be one of my top 10 comic characters of all time. what is my top 10 you ask, sure i'll tell you, actually i'll wait on that. They didnt mess up wade wilson (deadpool) my point is they took the merc with a mouth and transformed him into a mute supermutant who got his ass whooped. ive read a bunch of interviews with ryan reynolds, and he never seemed to happy with what they did with deadpool, as he is an avid deadpool fan aswell. It makes me happy to know that he actor cares about what character he is portraying. i think becuase of this they have rumored to a DEADPOOL movie by itself which will be sweet if not done by fox. Marvel needs the rights back. Also Gambit was way too cool and way under used.  That being said i liked it (minus the deadpool crap) and will prolly buy it. B

I Then saw Star Trek, and having had absolutely no interest in star trek since forever, im a FANBOY(s) ( saw that movie too, C-) i must say JJ Abrams is a genius. It made star trek appealing and made it so incrediably enjoyable. i didnt want the movie to stop. it was probably the most fun i have had in a movie in awhile. A-, why the A MINUS, well they could ahve showed that green girl naked. that would be sweet.

THEN i saw Terminator Salvation, and it was pretty damn cool. I love that they kept with the story/timeline of the other movies.  Sam Worthington was good and i cant wait to see his other blockbusters coming out next year  ( clash of the titans, and james cameron's Avatar)
Has Christian Bale always has that raspy voice or is he still in character for Batman? it kind of bugs me.  The motorcycle things wre the best part of the movie for me. i cant wait to see the next two, yeah its a new trilogy. B+

Thesis 2009

Let me know what yall think

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sneak Peak

here are a few pics of what i have been working on for my thesis

Dik Dik

My new favorite animal