Wednesday, January 13, 2010

good day so far

i woke up and cleaned the apartment more, cuz it was clean when reagz and dustinn left, then i did some laundry, ( they will be back late tonight) and theeeeen i went to the gym and biked like 15 miles, so so far so good.

also i found my check book so now i can pay the water bill without being charged $18 service fee for using a VISA GAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! do they really think that online payments are that convenient?

i watched paper heart last night, and i must say that charlyne yi is pretty adorable.
"do you ever get mad at the baby cuz it eats your food?"

Monday, January 11, 2010

A new year, and new life?

so it 2010 now,(pronounced twenty-ten, not two-thousand-ten, thats just what i heard) and i have been thinking a lot lately about my future. if i was asked where i would be at this moment about six months ago, nothing would be as it is. as you know i have been a line cook at a place called beavers for about 5 months and it is great experience, but i feel i have been wanting more out of life. I am not too sure how i feel about continuing the path of the culinary arts. I just don't think the restaurant world is for me. I love cooking and learning new things, yet i realized i like cooking for myself and for my friends, not strangers 6 days a week. I dont want my job to be my life. i want to enjoy it but i dont want it to dictate what i can and cant do.

I have been thinking a lot about maybe going into teaching art. When i was in college and had to pick a major i always thought that it didn't matter what degree i got. If i wanted to be a doctor or lawyer then yes med school and law school degrees are required but nowadays most places just want to know you are a normal, responsible, and educated college graduate. BUT lately i feel i should actually do something with my degree. I love art and i love making it, and i love sharing it. so its only natural that i go down that path right? I've thought about grad school, but i cant fathom being able to pay for it even with loans or scholarships. Any suggestions? or free money?

new subject!

-Oscars are coming up so i need to watch all the nominated stuff, its just what i do.
A tentative list is(no nominations have been announced yet, strictly buzz)

Public Enemies, The Lovely Bones (seeing it with Katie), The soloist, Precious, A serious Man, Up in the Air, Up, Nine( not the animated one), The Hurt Locker, An Education, Invictus, A single Man, The Informant, The Boys are Back, Bright Star, The Burning Plain.

- Glass Jaw is Back together, and are only playing one date in texas.
march 4th at emo's in Austin (already got my ticket, you coming?!)

- Dan's bachelor party is in Vegas (Dan Smullen) and i already got my plane ticket, which basically makes me poor right now. I haven't been to Vegas so shenanigans will be had and are expected. I don't know how much gambling i will be doing do to lack of money and plans of saving money for my future. I plan on just being drunk and watching people crush their credit. I want to go see a Cirque De Soleil live. that would be sweet. ("their are 5 different chairs in this hotel room!")

- My 26th birthday is next month. thats all im gonna say there.

- SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) Conference is in March. the 10th through the 13th i believe. its really expensive as most things are. The problem is i work every day till 3 so if i purchase a conference pass then i would be missing half of it, and im going to Dan and Kim's wedding that Saturday in Austin so it would be a waste of money. i can get day passes but Im not sure yet. I'll probably get the opening ceremony pass. They do a pin swap. everyone makes like 30-50 pins and just trades with everyone there and you meet random people and get cool pins of all different styles.

- My new favorite show is How i met your mother. I watched the entire first season in one sitting on Saturday. The show also freaks me out becuase the main character reminds me of myself alot which is scary. Dustinn and Reagz are on a road trip to the grand canyon so the wolf den has been a bit boring and lonely here since friday. For some reason my room gets not heat so i have been sleeping on the couch. also i think i subconsciously need to be in the middle of the apartment to balance it since D and reagz are gone. i just made that up but i think it makes sense, i do that at my parents house too. im weird.

New years resolutions:

-try to work out
-Post on this blog more
- Make more art (build a work bench for metalworks)
-decide what i want to do with my life.